Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ABDC Season 4 Finale... Season 5 Announced!!

America has spoken! Congratulations We Are Heroes!

We Are Heroes is America's Best Dance Crew for Season 4! The first female, non-b boy street dance crew to earn the title literally set the stage on fire with their prior week's performance which earned them the highest number of votes from America and the $100,000 grand prize. Runners up Afroborike also crushed the floor with an incredible performance born from the roots of their sexy Latino style.

All 9 of season 4's crews returned to perform live in Sunday's season finale. After the show there were tears of excitement and sadness from various crew members as they said their final good byes to the ABDC stage. And of course there was an after party sponsored by NIKE! Friends, family, celebrities, dancers, you name em, were catered to an after party event which was held on the Warner Bros studio lot in what seemed to be a New York street scene set of a movie. Nike provided prizes and guests were entertained with music, dancing, food & drinks all night long. We will share photos and video from these last moments on hiphopinternational.com shortly.

Season 4 is a wrap and season 5 has officially been announced! Hip Hop International will continue to cover the details as the new season approaches. If you have a dance crew and would like information on ABDC auditions or the 2010 USA & World Hip Hop Dance Championships, log onto www.hiphopinternational.com

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