Saturday, August 1, 2009

Josh & Jeremiah: Hey Now, They are Allstars [Video]

Immediately after the Philippine Allstars took the stage last night, YouTube phenoms Josh & Jeremiah followed up with a mini-version of Allstars moves (Understatement of the century---when you see the one-armed lift at :## of the clip below, you'll know what we mean) for the world to see.

If you haven't already had the pleasure of watching Josh & Jeremiah's near-perfect mimicry of the Allstars and Jabbawockeez, you're in for a treat. And even if you've been following them for a year and just can't get enough... why, you're in for a treat as well.

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  1. aaahhhhhh!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Very entertaining indeed to see kids as young as Joshua & Jeremiah dance the hip hop. I wonder where they get their choreography. If they are just tried to imitate their idols, then that's even more wonderful

  3. erratum: If they just tried to imitate....