Saturday, August 1, 2009

Philippine Allstars Take the Stage and Defend Their Title [Video]

You know you're dying to see tonight's prelim performance of defending World Champions, the Philippine Allstars! The crowd could hardly contain themselves as the 7 dancers hit the stage--so much so that the Allstars had to leave the stage for a period and return after the love had calmed down.

Good thing they were worth the wait!

We've got exclusive video of the performance--the only one available on the web for the duration of te Championship. Peep it below:

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  1. wow.. the best.. philippine allstars... I always replay there video.... I don't think so they will not go home without the GOLD MEDAL..

    Philippine AllStars the best among the rest...

    Proud to be PINOY!!!...

  2. That Was Cool!
    Someone upload sweet n sour!
    New zealand!

  3. That was cool..
    Mad Love for All Stars.. Christ up yayah!
    Go NZ!

  4. hahaha i seen sass dance n its uloaded somewea kehe

  5. hey!!! this blog is so great!!! thanks for tell us about of the championship!!!! and go Colombian crews!!!!

  6. hey i'm from france/supportin'the raf crew and the undercover crew (varsity)

    thax for the blog to keep us posted of everything!!!

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  8. Oh man watching this on Friday/Saturday morning ;p was amazing! VIDEO DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE!!! We plan on making this our annual trip to Vegas and watch HHI every year! It really felt like the hip hop dance Olympics! Hip Hop International is one of the best dance events I have ever been to...You feel the crews and the crowd screaming and chanting for their countries, friends, and family.... It's unbelievable. There were 50 teams. The Philippine Allstars were at the very end. It was around 1am when they performed and they were phenomenal. It is a must see and feel experience. We truly felt blessed to see all those countries perform... USA, Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, U.K, South Africa, Italy.... Just to name a few of my faves. But wow... Their style and performances were flawless. They all gave their best. I can't wait for the final results!

  9. Wow! It's all what i can tell... ;o Someone can upload SPOKO from Poland? Please ;p

  10. OMG! are the Judges BLIND?! come on take a look again at Philippine All Stars? what more unique routine would they find? geez! atleast let the Philippine All Stars be in Top 3.. geez! well anyways atleast Philippine All Stars did their best and making the best routine within all the competetors they are still the BEST of the BEST Crew ever! much love and respect to all! Godbless!

  11. I love pinoy !!! :)

    bakit isa lang ang philippines na sumali dito ?

    sana meron pang ibang pinoy na sumali dito noh ?!!!

    para sigurado

    sana join kau next year plzzzz

    im proud the pinoy