Monday, August 3, 2009

World Hip Hop Dance Championship: Junior Division Finals - Complete Scores

Here it is, folks. The official final standings for the World Hip Hop Dance Championship, Junior Division Finals:

  1. LIL PHUNK BOYZ (United States): 7.79
  2. MONSOON! (Japan): 7.67
  3. FRESHH (Canada): 7.50
  4. DE JA VU (New Zealand): 7.48
  5. KANI KREW (New Zealand): 7.25
  6. RNG (United States): 6.88

Congratulations to all of our incredible finalists!


  1. Can you include pictures of the junior winners please.

  2. Hey Just wanna give a big shout out to the lil hustlers from Ireland Best lil crew with a style and smile to charm the world!!!!
    Love you all x x x

  3. will u put a pic of lil hustlers plzzzzz nd ghetto fab in da varity divison plzzzzzzzzz

  4. pueden poner imagenes de la categoria juniors de los q ganaron porfavor