Sunday, August 2, 2009

World Hip Hop Dance Championship: Toni Basil to Accept Living Legend of Hip Hop Award

The brilliant and beautiful Toni Basil arrived at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships this weekend--received by the welcoming embraces of some of her oldest and fondest friends, like dance giants Don "Campbellock" Campbell, Boogaloo Sam and Tony GoGo.

Basil will be the first (but certainly not last) woman to receive the prestigious "Living Legend of Hip Hop" Award, which she will accept onstage at tonight's World Finals.

We sat down with the dancing queen for a hot minute while she shared a little bit about awards, memories, locking, The Lockers, and sneaking a teeny bit of Boogaloo into the now-iconic video for her 80s mega-hit, "Mickey."

We're intrigued. Can you spot the Boogaloo?

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