Monday, August 3, 2009

World Hip Hop Dance Championship: Adult Division Finals - Complete Scores

The official final standings for the World Hip Hop Dance Championship, Adult Division Finals are as follows:

  1. R.A.F. CREW (France): 8.57
  2. NEUTRAL ZONE ADULTS (Mexico): 8.47
  3. JOYCE & THE BOYS (Singapore): 8.45
  4. PHILIPPINE ALLSTARS (Philippines): 8.35
  5. PHYSICAL FUNK (Germany): 8.31
  6. ROCK 8 COLLABO (Canada): 8.30
  7. POREOTICS (United States): 8.29
  8. SWEET & SOUR (New Zealand): 8.12
  9. SOREAL CRU (United States): 8.07
  10. TMC (New Zealand): 7.66
  11. KABA MODERN (United States): 7.42
  12. BLACK SOUL COMPANY (Mexico): 7.30
  13. STREET4ONE (The Netherlands): 6.72

Congratulations to every amazing crew!


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  2. OMG! are the Judges BLIND?! come on take a look again at Philippine All Stars? what more unique routine would they find? geez! atleast let the Philippine All Stars be in Top 3.. geez! well anyways atleast Philippine All Stars did their best and making the best routine within all the competetors they are still the BEST of the BEST Crew ever! much love and respect to all! Godbless!

  3. hey are the judges here are blind?or what? are u taking drugs co'z you are on high...omg THE PHILIPPINE ALL STARS are in number 4 OLNY? omg dont you know whats the real meaning of hip hop?they have the best routine thats why they were top 1 in the pre-elimination round...omg the joyce and the boys team has no originality...its not a new step ..omg ..and the RAF crew..i dont see any unbelievable steps from them..dont be shock if there are lots of people here will protest against the result...please dont remove my comment and if u do then u are guilty...

    thank you


  4. I really think the Philippine Allstars should've been in the top 3.

    1st. Neutral Zone
    2nd. Philippine All Stars
    3rd. Joyce and the Boys/ SoReal Cru

    tsk tsk tsk... Somethings cooking...

  5. Yeahh!!! smelly cheese are winners!

    I'm proud of my friends and country! :D

  6. no matter what happened still the PHILIPPINE ALL STARS are the best


  7. OMG! Can we ever get soooo many biased comments complaining that the Philippine Allstars are better than everybody else? Especially when the comments are coming from filipinos?! C'mon people! Yes, the Allstars are very good, but as a filipino with an UNBIASED VIEW and an appreciation of ALL DANCE TYPES not just HIPHOP, I don't think the Allstars should have been in the top 3, and I AM A HUGE FAN! I really congratulate the RAF crew for breaking out of the box and coming out with music & moves that isn't just hip hop and SoReal Cru for making use of music with a slower tempo. I do remember Shane Sparks saying in an ABDC episode how he & other choreographers appreciate something different, not the same old thing they see year after year! Break out of your shells people, and as proud as I am to be a filipino, I WILL NOT CLAIM PINOY RULEZ...did we not celebrate the coming together of ALL CULTURES at the event??? Keep that in mind everyone.

  8. Amazing Dance from Singapore. Check out their MOVES here!

  9. infamous said it well. I believe for that reason SoReal should be Top 3 for that angelic part.

  10. oh common!! RAF CREW? NUETRAL ZONE?? JOYCE and THE BOYS?? what so special with that kind of dance routine?? from rank 1 to nothing?? im not a filipino, but i think there was something happened during the competitions! WHHDC?? you suck!!

  11. PAS is the best
    it is nice move

    astig talaga ng pinoy wooooo

    join kau next year plsssss

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  13. I should spend more time watching Joyce & The Boys doing their creative moves. All star newbie! I love them so much. Keep up the good work, Singapore rocks!

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